David Bowie portrait art and prints


Look Up Here I’m in Heaven now.

When the great man

David Bowie left us, I wanted to celebrate his passing with something that I hope would appeal to his playful nature, theatre and sense of humour.

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David Bowie portrait painting called

Look up here I’m in heaven now

Fine art painting and collectors prints of David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust. The infinitely changeable performer and songwriter who taught generations of musicians about the power of drama, images and personas, died, two days after his 69th birthday.

Bowie set many trends and left behind a legacy to be proud of. His last album, “Blackstar,” a collaboration with a jazz quartet that was typically enigmatic and exploratory, was released on Friday — his birthday.  More recently he had also collaborated on an Off Broadway musical, “Lazarus,” which was a surreal sequel to the 1976 film that featured his definitive screen role, “The Man Who Fell to Earth.”

Bowie wrote songs, above all, about being an outsider: an alien, a misfit, a sexual adventurer, a faraway astronaut. His music was always a mutable blend — rock, cabaret, jazz and what he called “plastic soul” — but it was suffused with genuine soul. He also captured the drama and longing of everyday life, enough to give him No. 1 pop hits like “Let’s Dance.”

His charisma, playfullness and constant re-invention were masterful and I hope that this particular painting appeals to his sense of humour.




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