Nikki Lauda fine art portrait painting oil on linen

Niki Lauda fine art portrait painting – WIP

Firstly a huge thank you for all the feedback and ideas from everyone on r/formula1 at Reddit for my recent post of Gentleman Driver asking which Formula 1 Legend should I paint next.

As promised in the thread the driver with the most votes would be next. So here we have the painting moved on a bit and almost onto the face. Trying to get the colour values right with the reflections always takes a huge amount of time along with the various logos. I think I need to pick an ‘old school’ driver next who only has their name and not a pile of logos making life difficult for the artist.

Watch this space to see the process and progress and see a oil on linen portrait coming together. If you have any questions or queries please post. I hope you enjoy watching.

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