Mad Cat Burlesque Dancer Fine Art Portrait

How to paint in oils art blog – WIP, by artist Martin Allen

Here we are in my art blog at the beginning of a new canvas, I guess a few hours in. This may be a cool introduction for those who want to learn how to paint with oils and oil paint or how to use oil paint. So far in this beginners oil painting I’ve sketched out my new painting of ‘Mad Cat Burleque Dancer’ in charcoal pencil on my already sized and sealed stretched natural linen canvas. Then after the preliminary sketching, I’ve mixed up my blacks and started to block them in using around 5 shades dark to light (never using tube black itself) only mixed blacks from derived from brown and blue. Then with a bit of black on the linen I started applying a few quick flesh tones (for reference against the black) to get to this point.

Watch this space to see the process and progress of an oil on linen portrait coming together. If you have any questions or queries please post. I hope you enjoy watching.

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