Vintage Chanel Perfume Bottle Painting

Vintage Chanel No 5 Painting - Oil on canvas 24" x 36"

So here’s what’s going on in the studio at the moment, my first draft of a Vintage Chanel Bottle.

I’m always trying to get out of my comfort zone, so here we have my first try out with a palette knife.

My interpretation of an empty vintage bottle of Chanel No.5 perfume. I love trying to capture the irridesence and reflections of the glass.

“It is said by some that a bottle of perfume can last a lifetime…the who…the where…the when…
Now all that remains are the memories and reflections.”

I found it very tactile and immersive painting for a first time with a pallette knife and you end up with some amazing unique effects that do not come about when using brushes.

The one main thing that came out of it as well is that you end up using a lot more paint as it goes on much thicker than with using brushes. Another being that you don’t end up being able to add such fine detail therefore the ‘marks’ that you make need to be more considerd, and have greater impact on the canvas.